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Zoe Maxine

Zoe Maxine (she/her/hers). An art blog! Likes drawing robots, monsters, super-people, aliens & magical girls. Commissions on a case-by-case basis. Drawing a webcomic: the Queen Candidate.

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Nov 23 '11

Various more Arkham Middle School Au stuff

There’s only like six this time!

[image: young Ra’s al Ghul, wearing a high collared jacket]

[image: a young, freckled anarky in dark shirt with his symbol and dark jacket]

[image: Renee Montoya who is NOT a bat villain but is here and young with a little scrape anyway]

[image: killer croc, in a t-shirt, and adorable]

[a young alice in a floofy white shirt with light blue dress, and blonde curly hair]

[and a young nerdy looking Condiment King holding a ketchup bottle. He’s wearing a t-shirt with a crown on it, glasses, and has truly ridiculous looking hair.]

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